Standard and Custom Blends

Professional Nursery & Landscape Blends

West Coast Forest & Cinder Products offers a variety of standard blends including Box Tree and Palm Mixes, PC Sod Topper & Soil Amendment and Propagation Blends. We also offer custom blends designed to customer specs. Soil analysis can be provided upon request.

Mix #15 Bedding and Potting Soil

WCFCP premium planting mix was developed over 20 years ago for professional nurseries and landscapers, and is still our most popular product today. It offers all of the necessary nutrients for healthy root growth and abundant blooming.

Palm Mix

WCFCP premium potting blend developed for professional nurseries, also popular with landscapers and homeowners. Blends available for palm seedlings and mature plants, these blends offer proper drainage, correct water retention and healthy root support and development. Both premium and econo-blends available.

Box Tree Mix

WCFCP premium planting mix developed for container bushes and trees. Contains a balanced blend of amended soils, organics, and nutrients for minimum shrinkage, proper drainage, strong root development and optimum foliage. 

Rose Mix

WCFCP premium blend developed for professional nurseries. Provides all of the necessary components to produce strong root development and stability, and proper drainage for healthy foliage and deep colors.

Poinsettia Mix

WCFCP premium product developed for professional nurseries. A blend of 5 ingredients and 6 additives to ensure healthy foliage and deep colors.

Citrus Tree Mix

WCFCP blend of premium organics, aggregates and 7 additives. Provides young trees a soil base that allows healthy root development.

Orchid Blends

WCFCP premium blend of Pacific Seedling, Pacific Pathway and additives. Designed for professional orchid growers. Provides all of the necessary components with minimum fines to permit proper root development, drainage, and healthy foliage with deep, vibrant colors.

Propagation Mix

WCFCP premium Liner Mix developed for professional nurseries for starter cuttings. Contains the finest organic materials for successful rooting of seeds, cuttings, bulbs and other plant parts.

Bare Root Mix

WCFCP premium Bare Root Mix developed for professional nurseries. This blend provides plant roots the proper drainage, aeration and nutrients necessary to successfully establish a healthy root system. Can be blended with native soil to help promote healthy root growth after transplanting.

5 Gallon and 15 Gallon Mix

WCFCP premium potting blends developed for professional nurseries. A mix of Redwood, Fir, soil and aggregates products, along with 5 additives. Provides established plants and bushes a soil base that allows for healthy root development, proper drainage and
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