Specialty Products

          Playground Surface Material

            WCFCP offers IPEMA Certified Playground Fiber. Our material meets all requires ASTM Standards and is made from virgin wood, free                 of pallets or wood waste materials. Blower application is available upon request.

IPEMA Certified Playground Fiber

Material meets all requires ASTM Standards and is made from virgin wood, free of pallets and other wood waste materials. 

Delivered in bulk, 2 cubic yard totes.
Blower application is available upon request.

ASTM F1292-04, ASTM F 1951-08, ASTM F 2075 
view certificate for PlaySoft (model #SWSPS1)
engineered wood fiber by southwest soils at www.ipema.org

Orchid Barks

Our orchid bark is a blend of 3 different fir barks which are screened and handpicked before milling to make a beautiful, clean nugget. Available in 1-1.5”, ¾ - ½”, ¾”.

Composted Orchard Soil and Chips

A great inexpensive organic soil additive made from fully composted almond wood fines. Can also be used as base for container and box tree blends.
Soil is screened to 0 - 1/4"   Estimated delivered yards: 45 Yards

Derived from fully composted screened almond wood mulch, excellent soil additive for large container mixes.  Slow to break down or shrink

Chips screened to 3/8” – 1”   Estimated delivered yards: 100 + yards

Volcanic Cinders, Cobbles and Stones

Products come in a variety of sizes and colors. They are a sturdy product suited for windy, dry areas, along pathways, among paving stones, and rock gardens. Volcanic boulders give a dramatic look to ponds, waterfalls and when spotlighted with landscape lighting.

Volcanic cinders are a long lasting and hardy alternative to bark products when needing weed control and water retention. They are also a natural deterrent to slugs and snails. Colors are available in Sedona Red, Burgundy, Black, and Variegated Brown.

Size Ranges:
1/8 to 3/8” for lining paving stones, walkways and driveways
3/4” for bedding and slopes
Cinder boulders vary in sizes for rock gardens, ponds, and accent points next to plants, trees and landscape lighting.

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